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Manufacturer Exclusions Apply, Excludes Ball Trades, Excludes All PING - 50% Bonus Applies To Store Credit Payout Option

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We now have a new way for you to trade! Trade in your clubs and apply the credit towards a previously placed order.
It's as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Purchase Your NEW Clubs
  2. Send Us Your OLD Clubs
  3. We’ll REFUND Against Your NEW Club Order!

Highest Payouts GUARANTEED

How do we guarantee the highest payouts? It's easy! If you find a better offer someplace else, just send it to us, and we'll BEAT it! Click Here for more info.

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Once your clubs or balls arrive at our warehouse, we'll get them checked in and PAY YOU within 2 business days of receipt!

We'll Pay For Your Shipping

Just make sure your trade-in value is over $99, and shipping is on US! If your trade isn't over $99, we'll still provide you with a shipping label and remove $8 from your payout. (No PO Boxes / Domestic USA Only)

Now You Can Trade In Used Golf Balls Too!

Yep, you read that right. We’ll pay you top dollar to send us those used balls you find on the course. We’ll clean them up and get them back into play in no time! Wondering how it’s done? Check out the video below!

PRO TIP: Be sure to save any club boxes from your orders so you can ship your trade-ins back to us! And remember, we'll PAY SHIPPING on trades valued at $99 or more!

*Certain products may be excluded from bonuses due to vendor policy. Excludes All PING.

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Jason S. from Texas


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William D. from Tennessee


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George S. from Texas


Trade-In Value!

3 Reasons to Trade in Golf Clubs Today

Trade In Your Golf Clubs

If you’re an avid golfer, you’ve probably upgraded some of your original clubs to higher-end models. If you’re an out-of-practice golfer, you might have some old clubs that you don’t use anymore. If you’re the family member of a golfer, you might have some hand-me-down clubs that you’re still storing to be polite. Whatever your situation, if you have clubs taking up space, consider these three reasons to trade in golf clubs instead of throwing them away.

Get Cash or Credit

Unless you are taking those clubs on the golf course you are throwing away money. It’s easy to trade in golf clubs for cash, and who couldn’t use a few extra bucks? Plus, when you sell golf clubs for store credit you get even better trade-in value. Depending on the quality and condition, your clubs might be worth more than you think. If you’re skeptical about the value of your clubs, you can walk through our trade-in process to see the value of your club before you commit to selling it.

Reduce Clutter

Clubs can become awkward clutter if you’re not using them. A set of clubs in a golf bag can take up some storage space. It’s not always easy to stack on top of them, and with the weight they can be tough to pile on top things. When it’s as easy as it is to sell golf clubs online, why let that clutter continue to take up space?

Better for the Environment

If you’re ready to let those old clubs go, great! Before you chuck them in the trash, you have the chance to reduce, reuse and recycle. We’ll show you how to sell golf clubs back to us so they can be resold to other golfers. We make it easy for your clubs to find their way into someone else’s hands, without you having to post an ad. Remember, we accept golf clubs AND golf balls for trade-in. Get started now.

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  • Does Dexterity Matter?

    No. Unlike some competitors, we offer the best price regardless of dexterity.

  • Do I need to include Headcover / Tools / Accessories?

    To provide our customers with some extra cash for their trade-ins, we offer additional money for headcovers. If you select to include the headcover at time of trade-in, yes, you need to include. *Otherwise we will remove an additional amount from trade-in total prior to payout. If not selecting to send in with a headcover, simply process as normal without the headcover option and send in without the headcover/tools. **Note any clubs traded in as NEW condition, MUST contain all accessories or will be downgraded to USED condition and payout adjusted as such.

  • How do I get Paid?

    RBG offers 3 payment options:

    1. Credit W/Bonus: Paid directly to your RockBottomGolf (RBG) account
    2. PayPal: Paid to your PayPal account (Verified at time of Checkout)
    3. Check: Sent to your billing address on RBG account. *Note $3.00 fee will be taken from trade in total.
  • Can I change the method of payment?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to change the method of payment selected at checkout once the trade-in has been approved and reimbursement has been issued in the form of store credit, check, or PayPal payment. If you decide you need to change the method of reimbursement and your trade is still pending, please notify us immediately at or call us at 877-540-GOLF, and one of our customer service specialists will make every attempt to accommodate your request.

  • When will my trade-in be processed? Who do I contact if any questions?

    RockBottomGolf will process payments within 48 business hours of receiving trade-in at our facility and are issued in US currency. You will receive email confirmation once payment has been issued. If you select to be paid by Store Credit w/Bonus or PayPal you should see payment on accounts within 24 business hours of that email confirming payment processed. If selected to be paid by check, please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. Other inquiries, please email *Business hours consist of M-F excluding observed holidays

  • Trade-In Promotions

    Trade bonuses cannot be used toward current model year FootJoy, PING, or Titleist items. Promotions are only valid during the timeframe indicated; we cannot apply them to past orders or trade-ins.

  • Where do you get the trade-in values?

    To ensure our customers are getting the best pricing, we continuously bounce pricing off industry best price books as well as our competitor trade-in values. *All prices/bonus promotions are subject to change at any time and cannot be matched to prior pricing/bonus promotions. **RBG reserves the right to notify customers of errant value(s) due to database errors and will return the item(s) at no cost to the customer.

  • What if I change my mind and want item returned to me?

    Due to our processing speed we are unable to guarantee we can return any clubs that are sent for trade-in.

  • What type of iron set make ups do you accept?

    All iron sets must include five, six, seven, or eight sequential irons. NOTE: Iron set must have at least five consecutive pieces, including the 6 iron and PW (pitching wedge). Iron sets that do not have the minimum 6-PW configuration will not be accepted. All irons in a set must have matching head models, shaft models, flexes, and dexterity for an iron set to receive full offer price. If they do not, you will receive a quote categorized as damaged; the final amount may vary and is at the sole discretion of Rock Bottom Golf after inspection has taken place. Please note a set returned with non-matching items may delay payment.

  • What if the item I trade-in differs from what I selected during trade-in?

    If, upon inspection, your item(s) do not match the item(s) on your trade-in order (IE wrong model selected), the trade-in value will change accordingly, as will any applicable trade-in premium. RBG will contact you via email within 48 business hours upon receiving trade-in at our facility with a revised offer *Note payments will be delayed if this occurs.

  • What if my clubs are personalized?

    We welcome personalized item(s); however, RBG has sole discretion at the time of receiving to determine if trade-in acceptable at the original quoted value. If deemed unacceptable, RBG will notify you within 48 business hours of receiving and provide revised offer; RBG will work with you on an amicable solution for personalized items. *Note payments will be delayed if this occurs.

  • What is a revised offer?

    A revised offer is any offer made by RBG to the customer whereupon receiving customers trade-in item(s) RBG determines item(s) received does not match customers' input at the time of trade-in completion. In cases where a revised offer is made, the original item(s) quote is rescinded immediately. *Note payments will be delayed if this occurs.

  • Do you provide shipping labels for trade-ins?

    Yes, if your cart total is greater than $75.00, you will be provided a UPS Shipping label free of charge at the time of checkout. If your cart total is under $75.00, you will be provided a UPS Shipping label at the time of checkout, and we will deduct $8.99 from your cart total. *Note: Label must be used within 5 days of printing or will be voided, and trade-in price/premiums from the original quote may not be honored.

  • Can I get a second return shipping label for my trade-in?

    No, we cannot provide a second label.

  • I have many items to trade-in. Will you send me a large box?

    No, we are unable to provide packaging materials. If you have multiple items, please pack sufficiently in a box large enough to accommodate your items. You can typically purchase appropriate sized boxes and packing materials at any office supply store.

  • What if my trade-in is lost/damaged in transit to RBG facility?

    Upon receipt, we will alert you to loss/damage exception. If lost, we will review directly with UPS (our carrier), and if confirmed lost in their possession, we will issue payment at quoted price. If UPS shows no scans in their system, we will treat as non-processed trade-in shipping label and issue no payment. If damaged upon delivery, we will review packaging and ensure sufficient packaging upon shipment from the customer. If deemed sufficient, we will process payment at the quoted price. If insufficient, we will alert you with a revised offer. *Note payments will be delayed if this occurs.

  • Is there a quantity limit?

    While We welcome all trades, we ask those customers with larger quantity trades, please contact us directly at so we can work directly with the customer. *Rock Bottom Golf (RBG) holds sole discretion on acceptance of large quantity trade-ins. **If sent and not accepted, we will alert the customer to the fact and work with the customer to return the product at the customer's expense.

  • What if my trade-in fails?

    If your trade-in does not meet our acceptance criteria, we will contact you within 48 business hours of receiving at our facility and offer one of the following solutions:

    1. Return of the product to you – you are responsible for return shipping charges and must contact us with payment info. Return shipments will be sent via UPS Ground at rates below.
        Base Charge Add On
      Single Club $8.99 $0.99
      Iron Sets $14.99 $6.99
    2. Disposal of the item if of no value, and you agree to its disposal.
    3. Offer a proposed repair price. We will attempt to repair the club if you agree to the price of the repair and authorize us to complete the repair. We will deduct the repair charges from the initial trade-in allowance, and process the trade-in at that time. *Note payments will be delayed if this occurs.