About Us

Before Rock Bottom was Rock Bottom, Tom Rath (Founder & CEO) was just looking for a way to make some spare change during high school. He found that way by diving for balls at local golf courses and selling them around town. It worked out so well, he paid his way straight through college (Go Boilers!).

Soon after he graduated, he took his show on the road. Adding used and demo clubs to his inventory, he'd bounce around to flea markets and trade shows to sell his gear. And while he had fun doing it, unfortunately it wasn't enough to make a full time career of. Until Ebay came along, and everything changed…

With a global audience in front of him Tom was able to quit his day job, partner with his brother Todd, and form Rock Bottom Golf. Rock Bottom quickly grew as inventory expanded to include new clubs, bags, apparel and anything else you could possibly need on & off the course. It soon became apparent that in order to provide the best possible online experience for their customers (now affectionately known as "Rock Heads"), the company would need to expand beyond Ebay. And just like that, RockBottomGolf.com was launched in 2002.

Since then, Rock Bottom Golf has become an industry leader offering tens of thousands of products from all of golf's hottest brands. With a driving focus on excellent customer service, ultra-fast shipping and guaranteed lowest pricing, you'll quickly find out why you'll SAVE MORE and PLAY MORE with RockBottomGolf.com!

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